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History of Our Apparatus:

In the early years at West Webster funding for apparatus and other equipment was in short supply.  The Firemen's Association members were responsible for the purchase of the earliest equipment.  Early on the Firemen's Association would purchase and build the equipment and then transfer ownership to the Fire District.  Thru the years and with the increased in need for equipment as well as a tax base to provide the funds for the equipment the West Webster Fire District eventually took over the purchase of all apparatus and equipment necessary for our day to day operations.

1926 Federal Pumper: West Webster purchases our first piece of fire apparatus.  The first apparatus was built on a 1926 Federal truck chassis which was purchased for $1,000.  This apparatus was purchased and build by the members of the Firemen's Association utilizing parts from a decommissioned City of Rochester Fire Department chemical hose cart.  The membership also purchased a surplus ladder truck from the City of Rochester Fire Department which it used ladders and other accessories off of on the new truck.  This piece of apparatus was placed in service in August of 1926 where it remained until it was sold to Wrights Corners Fire Department in 1940.

1935 Ford Pumper: The chief of the department recieved direction to build a new fire truck for the Firemen's Association.  The second truck is a 1935 Ford pumper which was build by the Rochester Fire Equipment Company.  While this vehicle started as an open cab vehicle it was later enclosed due to the inclimate weather of our area.  To this day this apparatus still remains in our fleet of vehicles and is utilized as a parade truck.  The vehicle was purchased for about $1,600 and when it was refurbished in the mid 90's it was appraised at over $100,000.

1937 Lincoln Emergency Car: Thanks to the generousity of a resident of the Forest Lawn area of Webster the firemen next received a Lincoln automobile chassis which was to be used as a first-aid emergency vehicle.  Again the members of the Association approached the Rochester Fire Equipment Company to design and build the vehicle.  This vehicle was the first of its kind in Monroe County and servced the areas of Webster, Penfield, and Ontario.

1940 Ford Pumper: Once again when in need of a piece of apparatus the members of the Firemen's Association called upon the Rochester Fire Equipment Company to design a new pumper.  This pumper was a 1940 Ford which had a 500 gallon per minute front-end pump and a ladder rack on top.  The 1940 Ford remained in service for about 30 years when in 1970 it was sold to the Cedar Point Park in Sanduski, Ohio.

1953 Ford Pumper: Originally purchased by the Firemen's Association and donated to the Fire District this pumper was utilized until 1977 and was equipped with a front end pump.  Upon retirement from active use this pumper was purchased back by the Firemen's Association for use in the Firematic Explorer Post.

1956 Chevrolet Suburban: Purchased from Klein Chevrolet the 1956 Suburban was the first "ambulance-type" vehicle purchased by the firemen.  This vehicle was equipped with all the necessary items for the firemen to be able to transport the sick or injured of our community to the hospital.

1958 Ford Pumper: Built on a Ford chassis with a Seagrave body this piece of apparatus was equipped with a 750 gallon per minute mid-ship pump.

1964 Dodge 4WD Pumper: This one ton rated Dodge came equipped with a 500 gallon per minute front-end pump and an American body.  This vehicle was purchased due to the expanding needs of the West Webster area concerning fire protection.

1964 Pontiac Ambulance: Purchased to replace the 1956 Suburban this ambulance was built on a Pontiac chassis with a Superior body.

1964 Ford Pumper: This wa the first piece of apparatus purchased by the Fire District utilizing money raised from taxes.  Due to clearance issues at the Old Station 1 on the corner of Gravel and Ridge Roads the Fire District had to special order the apparatus with a low profile light on top.

1967 Boston Whaler: The first boat purchased by the Fire District occurred after several calls for service in or around the Irondequoit Bay in May of 1967.  At that time the members decided it would be beneficial to purchase the 11 foot 1967 Boston Whaler with a 10 horsepower outboard motor.

1968 Cadillac Ambulance: Our next ambulance and second one purchased mainly for the transport of patients was on a Cadillac chassis with a Superior body.  This ambulance was purchased in order to replace the 1956 Suburban.

1970 Ford Pumper: Built by the John Bean Division of F.M.C. Corporation on a Ford chassis this 1970 pumper had a 1,000 gallon per minute pump and a 1,000 gallon water tank as well as a high pressure pump for firefighting purposes.

1971 Ford Rescue Truck: This vehicle was purchased to finally retire the 1956 Chevrolet Suburban in 1971.  The 1971 Ford acted as a dual purpose vehicle serving as both a rescue truck and a salvage vehicle.  The truck was a Ford chassis with a Gertenslager Body and was equipped with a 7,500 watt generator, and carried tools for fire supression as well as assisting at motor vehicle accidents.

1974 Cadillac Ambulance: Purchased to replace the 1964 Pontiac was a 1974 Cadillac ambulance.  As with past ambulances this was purchased with the funds raised by the Firemen's Association thru donations and fundraising activities.  Upon it's retirement this Cadillac was given back to the Association who then donated it to the Museum at the Firefighters Home on the Hudson where it still remains today.

1976 Oshkosh Quint: Purchased by the Fire District in early 1975 and delivered in March of 1976 West Webster bought our first quint ladder truck.  A quint is named because it serves five separate uses in the firefighting world, quints quite often serve as both a ladder truck and as a pumper in times of need.  The five functions commonly associated with a quint are pump, water tank, fire hose, ground ladders, and arial device.  Our first quint was built on an Oshkosh frame and had a 85 foot L.T.I. ladder, a 1,500 gallon per minute pump, 300 gallon tank, and carried about 150 feet of ground ladders.  This quint remained in service of the fire district for over 30 years until it was replaced and sold to the Williamson Fire Department where it is still in use today.

1977 FMC Pumper: Once again going back to F.M.C. and John Bean Fire Equipment, in 1976 West Webster ordered another new pumper.  This pumper was equipped with a Detriot Diesel engine, a 1,500 gallon per minute pump, a 500 gallon water tank as well as the normal compliment of firefighting equipment needed for our service to the community.  This truck as well as the 1976 quint were both painted lime green when they were delivered, they were both painted to the more traditional "fire engine red" about seven years later.

1981 FMC 4WD Pumper: Delivered in the summer of 1981 this truck was bought in order to replace the 1964 4WD Dodge.  This vehicle came equipped with a 750 gallon per minute front end pump and was designed for access to the smaller driveways along Lake Road where access to houses is difficult.  This pumper was also responsible for towing the boats to their launch point in the event that they were needed in the off season.

1985 FMC Pumper: The new pumper was a Kenworth all aluminum cab and chassis with an aluminum body.  This truck had a 1,250 gallon per minute pump and was equipped with a high pressure hose system as well as any other necessary equipment for fire supression.

1989 American Eagle Pumpers (Twins):  An unusual event occurred when it was decided by the Fire District to purchase two pumpers at the same time.  These pumpers were built by American Eagle Fire Equipment out of Florida.

1989 Ford Rescue: Build for the Fire District by Saulsbury this vehicle was utilized by the department to carry a great deal of rescue equipment that was needed at scenes.  The equipment carried on this apparatus was utilized for vehicle extrication, rope rescue, ice water rescue amongst other disciplines.

1992 Mobile Medical Salvage:  Purchased for the purpose of transporting salvage and overhaul equipment to the scene of a fire this truck carried a great deal of equipment.  With a walk in box on the back it allowed us the ability to have a command center or a place for members to get out of inclimate weather.  Amongst the equipment that was carried by this truck were pumps for assisting citizens with flooded basements, fans for smoke evacuation, shovels and buckets for the removal of debris at a fire.

1998 Spartan Pumper: Built at R.D. Murray in Hamburg, NY this custom pumper had a 1,250 gallon per minute pump and also was one of our first pieces of apparatus to carry firefighting foam prepiped into it.  This apparatus was retired after the unfortunate events of 12/24/12 when it was first due on its last alarm.  It has since been refurbished and sold to a fire department in the country of Chili.   

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