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2018 Incidents
Month Fire EMS
January 91 134
February 53 157
March 78 160
April 87 153
May 110 149
June 107 179
July 131 152
Total 657 1084

2017 Incidents
Fire EMS
Jan 61 187
Feb 63 159
Mar 291 192
Apr 89 167
May 101 153
June 96 138
Jul 107 161
Aug 95 147
Sept 97 146
Oct 118 148
Nov 67 146
Dec 67 172
Total 1252 1916

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Details on "How to become an Active Member"
Just as the term " Active Firefighter" implies, you have to take an active part in many areas within the Association. We provide the training opportunities and all the equipment for that training, even the money for outside classes, but it is up to you to take an active part in that training. Training (drill night) is held on the second, third and forth (occasionally the fifth) Tuesday of each month. We begin at 7:15 PM and usually train until 10:00 PM. Your safety is a constant part of the training. We need each and every one of our members and we want to minimize the chances of you being injured in training or "on the job". Hands-on training is offered on every piece of firefighting equipment in the department. There are classes in Hazardous Materials, Incident Command, Rescue Techniques and many more fire or rescue related aspects.

For members who are more Emergency Medical Response oriented, we offer a wide range of training opportunities. We offer First Responder classes, Emergency Medical Technician classes and refresher classes, even opportunities for you to pursue full Paramedic Certification. It is entirely up to you to make use of any or all of these opportunities. Weekly classes are also held in many select areas to keep our skills up to date. CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) classes and refreshers are held yearly. Additionally, classes in lifting and moving patients, childbirth, Advanced Life Support, trauma and many other topics are taught. Safety is a priority topic in each training class. Your safety and the safety of your patient are stressed.

Why do you want to join the Fire Department?
Here we would like to know the reasons behind your wish to join this Association. What do you expect to get out of joining this department? There is no financial gain to be expected since we do not get paid and at the present time we receive no special considerations from the town.

Do you have the time for everything involved?
Training drills, business meetings, fire calls, ambulance calls, outside training, committee work and work details all take time. Is there enough time in your life schedule to add this commitment? It really is a commitment since your neighbors and your fellow firefighters are counting on you to be there when you're needed. When we're severely shorthanded at an emergency scene - either fire or medical - the additional strain on the personnel at the scene may lead to exhaustion and unsafe actions. Not only do more hands make the job lighter it makes this dangerous job safer.

What are your special interests - Fire or EMS concentration - Both?
We would like to know if you have special interests or skills that will improve the operation of this department. Knowing this, we can ensure that there are opportunities to further these skills for your benefit and ours.

Have you talked it over with your wife, husband or significant other?
First, there will be less time to spend with your family. Does the rest of your family understand this? Your family has to come first in your priorities, then your job, then your avocations - like the firehouse. You certainly will miss a few meals and sometime have to leave in the middle of some to respond to an emergency. Do you have special dietary needs that would be seriously affected by something like this? Some of us may even benefit from a few missed meals.

Emergency calls come at all times of the day or night. Does waking up in the middle of the night to respond cause a problem physically? Missed sleep may carry over into the next day and affect your job. You can't let it interfere with your work - that's your prime responsibility since that's what pays the bills. Have you checked with your employer to see if they have a leave or time compensation program when you respond as a firefighter. All the major corporations have some type of program that allows you a number of hours (some with pay) to respond to emergencies in your community.

Knowing everything that you now know about this Association, you now have to opportunity to either say "Yes - go ahead with the application." or "No, I'm sorry, this just isn't for me this time." Should you decide YES - here's what will happen next -


West Webster Membership Application Steps.


Membership application can be printed from this link.

Fill out the form and mail it to:

West Webster Firemen's Association
Attention: Membership Committee
1051 Gravel Road
Webster, NY 14580

... with a Check payable to "West Webster Firemen's Association" in the amount of $20.00.
You can fill out the application and stop by Station #1 at 1051 Gravel Road between the hours of 9:00 - 4:00, M-F and leave the application and check with the Administration Personnel in the Building (or any other member who is there).


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