Celebrations at West Webster Meeting
June 5, 2019

On Tuesday June 4th, West Webster held our monthly business meeting. During this meeting, we had two celebrations from community members which make everything we do even more rewarding!

Girl scout troop 64105 from Webster recognized West Webster for inviting them to take a tour of West Webster Station 3. The girl scouts presented the members in attendance with the "thanks-a-lot" girl scout cookies!

In November 2018, West Webster and North East Quadrant (NEQ) responded for a person in cardiac arrest on Maple Drive. Upon arrival members worked diligently to provide life savings measure and had an extremely successful outcome. Six months later, the family came to West Webster to thank the first responders for the life saving measures that occured on that call for the family. A special shout out goes to Lt. Ben Sobtzick, EMS LT. Brad Kommeth, FF Mike Rieger, FF Josh Jones, FF Arif Kelbas, FF Charlie Schreiber, and NEQ Paramedic Chuck Bound for the life saving measures that occured to save a life!

On behalf of West Webster, we thank all of you for your continued support of our organization.