2018 Firefighter of the Year
December 14, 2018

This year’s Firefighter-of-the-Year has been a member of the West Webster Fire District since 1975. He has served this department and our community for more than 44 years. In 1981 he became a line officer having been elected to the rank of lieutenant. Over the next twelve years he worked his way through the ranks to assume the role of Chief in 1993.

Tom Deisenroth has been a key member of our organization since he joined. He now works quietly in the background overseeing the District’s record management system. Tom’s intimate knowledge of this system aids our department’s ability to manage all of the personnel, equipment and resources maintained by the District. His ability to generate precise reports from this compiled data ensures that our organization keeps highly accurate records, which are accessible at a moment’s notice. While this quiet background work may to some seem mundane, it is an important function that keeps the business side of our organization functioning at the high level that our taxpayers expect.

Tom’s devotion and love of this organization has also been carried on by his family members. All three of his sons have been line officers with our department at one time or another. The next generation of family members now includes his grandchildren who are actively involved in our department, either as a firefighter or fire explorer. His wife Judy has been a long time member of the Ladies Auxiliary. We often refer to our “West Webster family,” a phrase that rings true with Tom and his family.

It is with deep respect, admiration, and our sincerest thanks that the West Webster Fire Department selects Past Chief Tom Deisenroth as the 2018 Firefighter of the Year.