August Member of the Month
By Lieutenant Brian Zimmer
August 7, 2018

For our August Member of the Month, the Line and Civil Office would like to recognize one of our more tenured members. This month, we recognize Jefferson Wilson as the Member of the Month. Jefferson has been a member of the association since 2001 and can be counted on to help out when needed. Throughout the years, Jefferson continues to train and learn to become a better firefighter. Jefferson is religious about staying overnight at the firehouse for his nighttime team and has been known to stay up passed his bedtime on 'school nights' to play video games with the younger members.

Jefferson also contributes outside of the firehouse. For the last two softball seasons Jefferson has been the honorary 'groundskeeper' for the team. He takes the role seriously and arrives two hours before home games to ensure the field is in the best playing shape it can be in. He brings his own landscaping tools and equipment to accomplish this and even purchased an infield rake this season to properly tend to the clay infield.

Jefferson is someone who can be counted on, regularly goes above and beyond without prompting and is a genuinely fun person to be around. The Line and Civil Office would like to recognize and congratulate Jefferson Wilson as this months Member of the Month.