June 2018 Member of the Month
June 6, 2018

For the June Member of the Month, the Line Office and Civil Office would like to recognize Tom Cole. A senior member who still works extremely hard. Tom is always running calls, whether it be during the day and or at night. Tom is always a leader. He is the guy that always has his gear on(helmet and all in the passenger seat). Tom is always ready to work and assist everyone from command to firefighters. Tom has a strong mix of old time knowledge and understands what the fire service is becoming. He is someone that we all look up to. Tom has served in many ranks throughout West Webster from Lieutenant to 1st Assistant Chief. Tom has been instrumental in the Monroe County Fire Service since he served in the Gates Chili Fire Department to now with his time at West Webster. Tom continues to be the workhorse on the fireground for any task that need to be completed or when cookies need to be eaten! Tom’s leadership is instrumental to helping us all grow as firefighters.

It is for these reasons and more that we would like to recognize Tom Cole as the West Webster Member of the Month for June 2018.